Category: Environmental Impact

The Generational Impact on EV Purchases

Who’s leading the momentum in electric vehicle market growth? They’ve probably got an oat milk latte in hand, or maybe they’re watching videos on TikTok for hours before bed.  You guessed it: Gen Z and millennials are supporting the charge towards a more sustainable electric future. In fact, one-third of Gen Z vehicle owners surveyed […]

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Five Myths About Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been growing in popularity in recent years as people are placing more focus on clean, renewable energy and reducing pollution.  As the name implies, EVs are eco-friendly, battery-powered vehicles that are charged by plugging the vehicle into a charging outlet. They operate in fully-electric mode with a typical driving range of […]

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The Biggest Barriers for Clean Fuels – For Consumers and Manufacturers

Headlines have long promised that market adoption of clean fuels – battery-electric power, hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas, etc – is inevitable.   But despite assurances from industry reports and news articles, many people around the world remain skeptical about picking up an electric or hydrogen-powered car of their own. And vehicle manufacturers in every sector […]

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